Review Rendezvous: 7/1/14

Lush by S. L. Baum
Book stats:
Genre(s): Young adult, dystopian
Medium: Print
Number of pages: 194
Publish date: April 16th, 2013


Bluebell has spent the last twelve years of her life at Training Tech, the government-run boarding school all children are required to attend. Now that she’s seventeen she is fully prepared for Incorporation; a time when females and males are allowed to mingle again, for the first time since they were toddlers. It is also the day she must endure Citizen Branding – the mandatory searing of a mark into the flesh of the left wrist of all new Citizens. O for fertile, X for infertile. The fate of every Citizen, male or female, is determined by the results.

Bluebell knows that a Citizen’s duty is to live for the glory of Concord, just as she was taught. But the frantic dreams and hazy memories that haunt her make her different, and the questions she cannot deny threaten to turn her world upside down.

This one is another dystopian. If you don’t really like dystopians, sorry, I read them a lot because they’re my favorite haha. Anyways, Lush was quite interesting in the  sense that it’s billed as kinda like a serialized television show. That was kind of odd, but I decided to go with it anyways. Well, this first book seems to do a lot of explanation and introducing the reader to Bluebell (that name kinda made me cringe. It makes sense because they go on to say that the government puts out a list of suggested names, and they were on flora at the point she was born, but still) and her world.

There’s no real action or conflict or anything. I mean, there kinda is at the end, but it just dragged on for a while there. This particular book is different enough from other dystopians that it’s intriguing, but still. There needs to be some form of plot. I’m willing to give the second book in the series a chance, but if the characters are still as flat and there’s still no action, then it’s probably time to cut this series off.


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