Meet the Author

Hey there! Welcome to my blog, Caffeine and Composition. I am a young woman with a talent for writing, and this blog is some of the proof. I am also a random and completely crazy girl who loves to write, who enjoys reading far more than she should (since it takes away time from other important things), and loves her family to death. My favorite color is turquoise, favorite music is quite the assortment of pop/movie soundtracks/Disney music, and if you want to win me over, just bribe me with some tickets to a San Francisco Giants game.

I currently call the sunny (sometimes too much) desert of Phoenix, Arizona my home. Writing is my escape from reality, all of the daydreams that keep life whimsical and fun, taking me on daring adventures to far off lands or even imagining situations in my own hometown.

My content consists of posts on skills I’ve learned here and there as well as comments on books I’m reading or new things I’m writing. I am, however, open to discussing any freelancing requests that any of you might have. Constructive criticism on what I can do better is always allowed, and even encouraged, so I can know where I need to grow.
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