Writing Corner

Take a peek at the stories I currently have underway. Check back for more updates, or sign up for the newsletter on my author website to be notified when there’s new progress!

Coming Soon

Three childhood friends navigate the 21st century, trying – and occasionally failing – to act like they’re not the 150-year-old immortals they actually are. When one of them is shot, they band together for the first time in the last 40 years to uncover why someone is hunting them, and what they have to do to escape.
Genre: YA? urban fantasy
Writing status: collecting ideas and outlining

Most people refer to the crown princess as a spoiled, out of touch heiress. But when she realizes her aunt, the queen regent, has been keeping secrets, she takes it upon herself to disrupt the lies that she’s been told nearly her whole life. If that means striking out on her own and chasing adventure across the continent, so be it. She’ll do whatever it takes to uncover the truth.
Genre: YA high fantasy
Writing status: 2nd draft, 62,551 words as of 10/4/19

In the semi-distant future, a young mother strives to provide the best life that she possibly can for her daughter, even if it means toppling an entire system of government.
Genre: YA dystopian
Writing status: back-burner, unfortunately


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