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Book Tour: The Snow White Effect

Here’s another lovely stop on this book tour fo you! Today I have an excerpt from The Snow White Effect by A.K. Mills! Stay tuned for a giveaway down below.


About The Book:
Author: A.K. Mills
Pub. Date: March 27, 2018
Publisher: Dark Wolf Publications
Pages: 358
Formats: Paperback, eBook
Find it: Goodreads

Dale knew he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Cindy from the first moment he saw her. Forty years later, nothing has changed. She is his best friend, his soul. When she dies shortly after having an elective procedure at Kendal Slate Memorial Hospital, he is left heartbroken with a million unanswered questions. Dale may not have a fancy medical degree, but he is convinced medical malpractice killed his wife.

At thirty-eight years old with four children and a promising medical career, Emma Speck is living her dream. Being a doctor married to a surgeon, she finds comfort and normalcy in their hectic lifestyle. When her beloved life of chaos is brought to a screeching halt after she receives a phone call no one ever wants to get, Emma is forced to question everything she once believed in.

Surgical department chair at Kendal Slate Memorial Hospital, Richard Oakley makes no apologies for his successes or failures. When his department comes under fire for harming patients, his attitude is no different; medicine isn’t perfect. Despite his attempts to ignore the meritless accusations, they’re not going away. In fact, the accusations are mounting, bringing with them elements of his past he had hoped to keep suppressed. 

Having children was always a part of Addison’s plan. However, after suffering a miscarriage that nearly killed her, Addison decides it’s time to stop trying to get pregnant. Instead, she opts for a surgical procedure that will end her hopes of conception. The surgery, unlike her fertility, is straight forward and safe. The hospital, Kendal Slate Memorial, is reputable. Why wouldn’t she trust her doctor?

Four individuals. One hospital ignoring the truth. In this case, what you don’t know can kill you.




Dale stepped into the elevator with his head down, assuming the button for the lobby had already been pushed. Acknowledging life going on around him was more than he had the energy for. Three months. It wasn’t possible. How could Cindy go from being a happy, energetic hiker to the emaciated, lethargic skeleton that had just taken her last breath?

Her smile. A tear dropped from his eye. The cancer had eaten away the rest of her body, but it couldn’t touch her smile. Her smile. His heart lurched. She hadn’t smiled much the last couple of weeks, but when she had, it was like the first time he’d ever seen her.

Dale had been at the diner with his best friend Mickey when a group of girls came in, laughing and dancing around a blonde with a silver tiara in her hair.

“It’s her birthday,” one of the girls cried out, unsteady on her feet. “She’s twenty one!”

The birthday girl blushed as the waitress took their order and Dale couldn’t help but smile.

“I’m going to marry that girl,” he said to Mickey.

Mickey laughed it off, but Dale had never been more serious about anything in his life. When the waitress finished taking the girls’ orders, Dale called her over.

“More coffee?” she asked.

“Nope,” Dale replied. “I’d like you to do me a favor.”

“A favor?”

“Can you make one of your best sundaes and give it to that girl over there with the head thing on?”

The waitress grinned. “A tiara?”

“Whatever you call it.” Dale smiled back. “Can I have your notepad?”

The waitress cautiously handed it over. Dale wrote a brief note along with his number and handed it back. He watched with excitement as the waitress, also a cute blonde, delivered the dessert. His heart raced as he watched the girl read the note. When she finished, she showed her friends and they all smiled, looked up and waved.

A couple of days later, Dale’s phone rang.

“I’m the girl from the restaurant,” the caller said, her voice as delicate as he’d remembered. “From Michelangelo’s. I’m Cindy.”

“Hi Cindy,” he said through a smile that stretched across his face. “I didn’t think you were going to call.”

“I wasn’t,” she’d confessed. “But I thought, why not? Any guy who sends a sundae to a stranger can’t be that bad, right?”

That phone call had been forty years ago.

“That’s not the chick from the diner,” Mickey had said when Dale suggested they all

meet up for pizza after he and Cindy had been on a few dates.

“Yes she is.” Dale smiled affectionately, watching Cindy as she sauntered off to the bathroom.

Mickey cocked his head to the side, scrunching his face as he thought. “No, man. That’s not the girl.”

Dale laughed, impressed with Mickey’s memory. Usually girls were faceless to him, falling into one of two categories, hot and not. He didn’t squabble over specific characteristics. But there he was, telling Dale she wasn’t the one.

Dale smiled. He hadn’t stopped smiling since Cindy called. “She’s the one.”

“No.” Mickey shook his head. “That chick was hot.”

“Careful,” Dale cautioned.

“Nah, Cindy’s not bad either. That’s not what I’m saying. She’s cute and looks familiar.” Mickey paused.

Dale waited patiently.

“Dude, is that the waitress?”

“Sure is.”

“But you sent a sundae to the other girl.”

“Sure did,” Dale replied.

“I don’t get it,” Mickey said as Cindy returned to the table.

Dale stood up, allowing Cindy to slide into the booth. “I gave the girl the sundae so I had an excuse to write something for Cindy.”

“What did you write?” Mickey asked.

“It said Happy Birthday. Enjoy the sundae,” Cindy answered. “Can you give this number to the waitress and tell her I think she’s beautiful?”

Mickey nodded in approval. “Nice.”

Their courtship was short, a little too short for their parents’ liking. But it was hard to deny their love. It radiated so brightly, illuminating everything within a mile of where they were. Lord knows they fought, but they also made up, growing closer with each argument.

After six short months, Dale proposed.

He was working construction for his uncle’s company, with dreams of building his own house one day. Cindy, still working at the diner, answered with an emphatic “absolutely!” They were married eight months later, neither one of them looking back except to smile.

Dale shook his head as the elevator chimed on the third floor and the doors opened. This isn’t happening.

About A.K.:

A native of Pennsylvania, A.K. Millsgave up a job in Information Systems to pursue her dream of becoming an author. The Parts I Remember was published in 2013.  The sequel, The Parts That Followed was published in 2014. When not writing, she enjoys spending time with her family and two dogs.

Website | Goodreads

Giveaway Details:

1 winner will receive a $10 Amazon Gift Card, International. Enter here.



Book Tour: Full Fusion

Today I am participating a a book tour by Full Fusion by Natalie Damschroder! There’s also a giveaway down below for the entire set of the Full Fusion series!


About The Book:
Title: FULL FUSION (The Fusion Series Volume 1)
Author: NJ Damschroder
Pub. Date: June 4, 2014
Publisher: Dragonsoul YA
Pages: 322
Formats: Paperback, eBook
Find it: AmazonB&NiBooksTBDGoodreads

Eighteen-year-old Roxie Sebastian lives a charmed life, and she knows it. Too bad she can’t feel it. 

All her life, she’s felt disconnected from the world around her. Everything changes just before graduation, when she’s drawn to an eerie, brilliant light-which narrowly misses her as it blows up her friend Lincoln’s car. Clearly someone’s after Roxie, and finally Lincoln tells her the truth: He and Roxie are angels, beings from another dimension, and that light is her soul, separated from her human body in a traumatic birth. 

Once a skeptical Roxie rules out the other possibilities-like Lincoln created this delusion to escape his abusive father-she accepts her gut-deep knowledge of the truth. But someone has been screwing with her light, using it to commit crimes, and their actions are about to cause irreparable damage to two worlds: the one she lives in, and the one she can’t remember. 

Aided by her best friend Jordan, her boyfriend Tucker, and Lincoln, Roxie tracks down the criminal and uncovers many more secrets not only of her past, but of the history of their race on Earth. And then Roxie faces a horrible dilemma-the only way she can stop them from ripping apart both worlds is to fuse with her light…which could be tainted by the evil with which it was used. 

Author Interview:

What was the starting point for Full Fusion? Did the idea come from something or pop out of nowhere?

Like most of my books, the inspiration was many. 😊 I’d always wanted to write a YA but I wasn’t a very good teenager, so I wasn’t sure I could do it. I think the main inspiration was Anna from the TV show Supernatural. She was an angel who chose to fall and had lost the part of her that made her angelic. So I wanted to explore what that would be like—to be missing your soul. It seemed to tie perfectly with something I felt as a teenager that I’ve always found difficult to describe: a disconnect between my perception and my reality. It often felt completely surreal, looking at the world from behind my face. It was a quirk of my consciousness, but it was really fun to approach it from an adventurous perspective.

What was the hardest thing to write?

I remember this book as being a complete blast. I’m sure that’s selective memory and it wasn’t always easy, but I’m going to say the end was the hardest thing. I always struggle first to get there (it seems to just keep going and going!) and then to find the right words to tie it all off in a satisfying way.

Any future plans for this series or another?

The Fusion Series is a complete trilogy, but the door is open for additional stories, so it may continue at some point. In the meantime, I have a standalone book about a foster kid with ghosts she can’t get rid of and have just started a new series about a group of teens who discover they are part of an ancient tradition of protectors, awakened to face a threat the world hasn’t seen in a very long time.

Where did you get your start with writing? Did you ever think you’d make it this far?

I’ve kind of always been a writer. I started writing with a goal of publication in 1993 and I think I just assumed I would always do it. I didn’t really think about how far I’d go in terms of how many books I’d get published or anything like that. It’s a never-ending journey. 😊

What’s the best/worst aspects of getting published?

The very best aspect is having a reader (any reader, but especially someone I don’t know) tell me they love something in one of my books. When it’s one of my own favorite parts, the euphoria can last days. LOL

I can’t say there’s a worst aspect. There are things that are hard—finding readers in a crowded market, for example, or getting negative reviews, but those are just part of the job, and every job has hard parts. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

What’s one thing most people would find surprising about you?

I’m very talkative and a little pushy with sharing my thoughts in conversation (“know-it-all” is often a label applied to me LOL) so people are usually shocked to hear that I’m an introvert and find unstructured social interaction to be excruciating!

About NJ:

NatalieNatalie J. Damschroder is an award-winning author of contemporary and paranormal romance, with an emphasis on romantic adventure. She has had 24 novels, 7 novellas, and 16 short stories published by several publishers, most recently with Soul Mate Publishing, Entangled Publishing, and Carina Press. She recently debuted her Fusion Series, a young adult paranormal adventure series, with Full Fusion, as NJ Damschroder. Learn more about those books here.

Natalie grew up in Massachusetts, and loves the New England Patriots more than anything. (Except her family. And writing and reading. And popcorn.) When she’s not writing, she does freelance editing and proofreading. She and her husband have two grown daughters, one of whom is also a novelist. (The other one prefers math. Smart kid. Practical.)

Website | Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads

Giveaway Details:

3 winners will receive a Box Set of the FULL FUSION Series, US Only. Click here to enter.


Review Rendezvous: 3/17/18

Stalking Jack the Ripper by Kerri Maniscalo
Book stats:
Genre(s): Historical, young adult, mystery, horror
Medium: Print
Number of pages: 326
Publish date: September 20th, 2016
Purchase: Amazon Book Depository

StalkingSeventeen-year-old Audrey Rose Wadsworth was born a lord’s daughter, with a life of wealth and privilege stretched out before her. But between the social teas and silk dress fittings, she leads a forbidden secret life.

Against her stern father’s wishes and society’s expectations, Audrey often slips away to her uncle’s laboratory to study the gruesome practice of forensic medicine. When her work on a string of savagely killed corpses drags Audrey into the investigation of a serial murderer, her search for answers brings her close to her own sheltered world.

I’ve wanted to read this book for quite some time. I don’t remember how I came across it, but I know Sasha from Abookutopia on Youtube recommended it as her book of the year 2016, so I was more than excited to check it out. It’s always been interesting, the mystery of Jack the Ripper, so I was excited to see another take on the famed legend.

First impression when I opened the book though? I didn’t know if I could handle the forensic terminology. Ironic, considering some of my TV shows of choice are Law & Order: SVU, Bones, and other procedurals. But, for some reason it’s different reading the description of an autopsy on paper with my horrid imagination set to work. But, luckily the descriptions aren’t quite as vivid for the rest of the book. Just don’t be shocked going into it.

Honestly, I am all for heroines who challenge the social norm, especially back in historical times when they were basically there to sit and look pretty. Audrey is a “never take no for an answer” type of person, and she is unafraid to practice forensic science in a time when it was looked down on for men to engage in, let alone women.

I also did like the inclusion of a romance subplot. Most would be annoyed at the distraction from the main storyline, but in this instance I believe Maniscalo wove the threads of the plot in very well with the mystery that everyone is trying to solve. Then there’s the fact that her love interest, Thomas, is basically Sherlock. So many deductions, so little time!

The ending also has a lovely twist. There is so much suspicion surrounding the identity of the killer. Is it her father? Uncle? Thomas? The inspector? Someone entirely unrelated to the case at all? You’ll have to read to find out. But, the ending was quite satisfying and I can’t wait to read the next in the series, Hunting Prince Dracula.


If you liked this book, check these ones out:


A slight fantasy twist on a historical tale featuring a runaway countess


A rebellious southern woman covertly assists the north during the Civil War


A young woman is drawn into the world of spies during the First World War










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Review Rendezvous: 3/10/18

Fallen by Lauren Kate
Book stats:
Genre(s): Young Adult, paranormal, fantasy, romance
Medium: Print
Number of pages: 452
Publish date: December 8th, 2009
Purchase: Amazon Book Depository

FallenWhat if the person you were meant to be with could never be yours?

17-year-old Lucinda falls in love with a gorgeous, intelligent boy, Daniel, at her new school, the grim, foreboding Sword & Cross . . . only to find out that Daniel is a fallen angel, and that they have spent lifetimes finding and losing one another as good & evil forces plot to keep them apart. 

Get ready to fall . . .

So I’m about to admit to the biggest sin in book-kind: I watched the movie for this book before I actually read it. I mean, according to Goodreads I read this back in 2014, but it’s only after I just saw the movie that I really re-read it and got interested. So it’s basically the first time I cared for the story.

But I must say, I did enjoy the book much more than the first time I read it. The take on angels is quite intriguing, and I need to know more about how Daniel and Luce ended up back together, because that has to happen in the end. It’s basically required.

Anywho, quick spoiler-free summary before I continue. Luce has been called psychotic her whole life (at least, until she pretends that she can’t see the shadows that plague her), but it came to a head when a cabin spontaneously combusted and killed the boy she was with. That got her sent to reform school, because no one believes Luce is entirely innocent. Even her parents are on edge, but they still love her, which is refreshing to have for once instead of the entirely absentee parents seen so often in YA.

It is at Sword & Cross, the reform school she’s sentenced to, that Luce meets Daniel. She can’t get over the fact that she’s known him somewhere before, and also can’t fight her need to stay away. She’s shocked when he realizes what he’s been keeping from her, and thus the problems begin.

I will admit, there was a bit of the classic love triangle that I am not entirely a fan of. It’s bad fallen angel vs. good fallen angel. We’ll see if it stretches out over more books, because then I really might have more problems with it. But, I digress. There is also some of that insta-love going on with Luce, which is why I ended up docking two hearts even though I did enjoy the book. Those two literary sins are just two of my least favorite things as they’re quite unrealistic. But then again, so is the concept of fallen angels and soulmates being reincarnated for each other. Either way, I’m still reading the rest, so that tells you it’s good enough to pick up anyways.



Follow a dhampir vampire as she protects her royal best friend from danger

Dead Beautiful

An interesting take on supernatural beings and soulmates


A girl discovers she’s a witch and is sent to a school for all types of magical creatures










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Cover Reveal: The Archivist

Today Christy Sloat and Rockstar Book Tours are revealing the cover for The Archivist, book 2 in the Librarian Chronicles, which releases May 28, 2018! Check out the gorgeous cover and enter to win a signed copy of book 1 below!

Archivist Kindle cover

Just look at that beauty!

Book Stats:
Pub. Date: May 28, 2018
Publisher: CHBB Publishing
Formats: Paperback, eBook
Pages: 230
Find it: Goodreads, Amazon, B&N, TBD

Savannah Preston has a rare and precious gift: The ability to time travel through books. She, and others who share this unique ability, are faced with the insurmountable task of preserving history. They are known collectively as The Librarians.

While researching infamous Scottish outlaw Sir Malcolm Wash during the raging conflicts of the 14th Century, Savannah loses the only thing that tethers her to her own time. She must rely on her knowledge of both the present and the past to survive long enough to find a way home. Along the way, she enlists the help of a misfit named Eoin. With his guidance, she might just get home. It’s a risky and dangerous adventure, but then, so is Eoin…


When I first met Jessa at my grandma’s funeral I hated her. Upon my first impression, I walked away thinking she was pretentious and rude. She wore a pink dress to a funeral. I mean who does that?

Then when I found out she was going to be my protector, I hated her even more. Jessa’s parents were high society and they were involved with my family in dealings with historical artifacts. They didn’t know my ancestors travelled through time, but they knew we were important historians and that we preserved facts. My grandma thought Jessa would be a good match to help me. I thought that she was senile and wrong and that it wasn’t going to work out, but I was wrong. We learned to like each other and then we became best friends. Turns out my grandma was right.

Jessa was my guide and I need more than just her friendship. While I travel through time she watches over me, keeping me safe. Jessa is also responsible for making sure my clothing is appropriate for the time frame, while also assisting me while I chronical what I have seen and what experiences I’ve gone through. She keeps notes on all of these things in her guide book, which basically makes her invaluable to me and to the work that I do. In order to travel through time you must have a guide you can trust, and I trust Jessa with my life.

The most important research was kept inside the blank pages of a book. Each mission yielded a new book. Once that book was full and our mission complete, it was sealed. I’m a librarian but not in the typical sense. I haven’t earned the proper diploma to get such a title. I, along with many others throughout the world, preserve the history of some of the most famous historical figures inside the blank pages of each book we are sent. The Librarians was founded by a famous scientist, Harold Lockhart. Lockhart wrote the formula for time travel in the only thing he had near him when it was fresh in his brain. That book wasn’t empty, it happened to be the history of none other than, Abraham Lincoln. After he wrote the formula, he was whisked away in time and came face to face with Lincoln himself. The talent to travel and record history was never his intention, but after he realized how wrong historians were about the president, he created the group of librarians. Lockhart put us in charge of libraries and their books. The sect of librarians were given their jobs and they went to work straight away.

I myself hope to achieve the goal of working in a library with the official title someday, which is what I’m studying in school. My intention is to host my own library and help archive important time periods through my research as well as artifacts, like my grandma did. Like all the women did who came before her.

All I know about my job before I travel is who I’m to research. Everything else is learned while I’m inside the book, or in other words, the past.

I’m forbidden to change history by becoming involved in the past or with my target. But I can become friendly with them and immerse myself in their world. It’s hard not to become part of it. While I’m there I am more than just a girl recording the true history. I become my character fully and truly; as if I really am who I say I am. I’ve been many different people, travelling five separate times into five people’s world. And each time I go, I’m nervous. It doesn’t take long to fill the pages the Historical Society of Libraries sends me. I’m currently one of the youngest on the East Coast. My job is taken extremely serious for I have wanted to do this for a long time. Now that it’s my job, I feel as if I am living the dream.

How could I not love it? I am a college student full time and on my off days I travel to the past. What is there not to like?


1 winner will receive a signed finished copy of The Librarian, US Only. Enter here!

About the Author:

ChristyI am Southern California native, now living in New Jersey! How did that happen? I am married and have  two beautiful little girls who love to read just like Mommy. I have had a passion for books since I was a little girl and an imagination for just as long. I hope my books can inspire others to read and to write too.

Website | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Goodreads




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