Review Rendezvous: 5/26/18

The Ride Delegate: Memoir of a Walt Disney World VIP Tour Guide by Annie Salisbury
Book stats:
Genre(s): Nonfiction, memoir
Medium: Kindle
Number of pages: 170
Publish date: September 7th, 2014
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Ride Delegate

The rich and famous experience Disney World differently from the rest of us: they’re escorted by VIP Tour Guides, elite Cast Members who truly do hold the keys to the kingdom. Annie Salisbury was one of these Cast Members, in charge of making the very best magic for those who could afford it. In The Ride Delegate, her memoir of life as a Disney World VIP tour guide, Annie shares some of her most memorable experiences:

  • The Middle Eastern royal family who needed a room at the Contemporary where all thirty-seven of them could pray, right now.
  • The wealthy woman who used cancer as an excuse for why her family should be able to ride It’s a Small World until they were ready to get off
  • The mysterious VIP (dubbed “Dr. No” by Annie) who arrived for his afternoon tour in a private plane at a private airport in the swamp
  • The famous football player who didn’t understand why he couldn’t ride Universal’s Incredible Hulk Coaster at EPCOT
  • Plus, you’ll learn about the perks and privileges of being a VIP Tour Guide, from corn dogs to illicit cash, and the lengths to which Disney will go to keep its VIP guests happy

Come get a taste of what Disney World is like for those with deep pockets—and personalities to match—and meet the eccentric, outrageous guests who turned Annie’s dream job into a reality show.

Now, this is waaaaaaay off the type of book I usually read. Well, I’ve actually read quite a few of this type, but that was back when I was preparing for my experience with the Disney College Program, which you can read about and watch videos on various platforms. So basically, before I go on, I will warn you that this review comes from someone who knows the situation all too well and has experienced the behind the scenes. It may “break the magic” for you, as some say, but I think it’s hilarious as all get out, so  the choice is up to you.

I love Annie’s voice and writing style. That’s one of the first things that stuck out to me. I opened this book kinda as a ‘meh’ read because it was on my suggestions for Kindle Unlimited, and boy did that suggestion work well. I blew through it in two hours (of course, I had to work when I was halfway through the book, which sucked, but I quickly got back to it after my shift).

She has so many anecdotes and hilarious stories, it is so worth the read. This book is memoir-style, so I can’t really critique plot or characters or anything since the whole thing is real. The fluidity between the chapters could be worked on a bit and there are a few minor spelling errors, but otherwise an all-around good read. If the “behind the scenes” of Walt Disney World has ever interested you, I think you’d enjoy this.


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