A Novel Idea, the app essential for any writer

So I’ve mentioned this before, but I have an app that is legitimately my best friend when it comes to story ideas and random plot lines that jump into my head at any given moment. Before I even put the first words down for my latest project, I’d already had tons of different ideas and characters and places all dreamed up and happily recorded, thanks to this lovely app.

You’re probably thinking this sounds like an ad right now, but no, I’m not being paid by the makers to post this, and I really do think that this is an invaluable tool to any writer. Sure, you can keep a notebook, use the notes app already on your phone, but this is tailored specifically for story ideas.

photo 5This photo here is a screenshot I took of the app. You’ll notice there’s five categories: novels, scenes, characters, places, and ideas. This is essentially become my character bible, which is the tool that some writers (hopefully most) use to keep all of the details of each character straight. You don’t want grandma coming into the room with cheerful blue eyes in one scene and then come across her later down the rode with jade green ones do you? Exactly.

I currently have the free version of the app, and if I’m gonna be honest here, you guys can probably survive without paying for the pro. The app is perfect as it is, no need to spend unnecessary money. As far as I know, this app is only available on the iPhone, iPod, and iPad, sorry Android peoples. I don’t have an Android myself so I can’t really suggest apps there. Though, if any of you does have one, feel free to comment and let everyone else know what’s worked out for you guys. For those of you with Apple products who have another favorite writing app, don’t be afraid, comment! I love hearing feedback, especially when it could help myself or others in their path to publishing.