Five things to kickstart your world building

How many of you have read a good book that had the most beautifully crafted fictional worlds around? I’m not talking the realistic fiction set in this time period, I’m talking Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia collection, Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings trilogy, Rowling’s Harry Potter series, Roth’s Divergent trilogy, books like those. A story is only as good as the world it’s set in, and those ones in particular were perfected with so much detail.

In my own writing career (if you could call it that), I haven’t really strayed into fantasy or sci-fi or anything like that that would necessitate world building (creating a whole new world basically). But recently, an idea popped into my head that I haven’t worked on yet for one reason: I have to create a whole new world for it (and now a certain Disney song is stuck in my head). Sorry, ADD moment. Anyways, I have an app on my phone called A Novel Idea. Look it up, it’s been very helpful in this sense. I’ve had to create a map of the land, figure out how the government works, create a new way of schooling and add so many details to the way people live their everyday lives. I even have a running list of names that I believe would fit into the world. But the more I get into, the more interesting it becomes. I don’t want to make the government evil without reason, because behind (most) villains is a person who genuinely might be trying to do the right thing, just with wrong methods.

It’s definitely a new experience, but even so I would like to share some things for you to keep in mind if you ever find yourself starting from scratch with your setting.

  • Does their life resemble ours in any way (think dystopian like Divergent) or is it completely different (think fantasy like Narnia)?
  • If it does, then it’ll be easier, though you do have to tweak a fair few things depending on how far in the future things are and how much society has changed. If it doesn’t, then you’re in for a lot more work. That’s not a bad thing at all, but it’s gonna be a bit of time.
  • Keep in mind the terrain and the countries where your characters actually live. What is the weather like? The land? Is it flat and dry or hilly and rainy?
  • How does school work? Are children required? Is it a choice? Is there even school at all?
  • What governing system do your characters live under? Totalitarian? Democratic? Theocratic? Republican?

That’s just a few questions to give you a kick-start onto creating a world. As the ideas come to your mind, don’t hesitate to write them down, I know there’s been moments where I’ve either written something down and come back to realize I’d forgotten about it or not done so and forgotten important details. More on taking notes and recording details of your stories later, a school presentation calls.

Happy writing 🙂

Three ways to break through writer’s block

So how often is it that you sit down at the computer (I would say with a pencil and paper but unless you’re writing a timed essay for class, no one really does that anymore) and have no clue how to start whatever paper you need to write or how to get the idea in your head onto a document? Annoying, right? I’d venture to say so. Sometimes I’ll relax on my bed meaning to work on the scholarship paper or wanting to add more to my newest work of fiction, but nothing comes. It’s like there’s a tap of creativity and it’s stuck in the off position. Then, of course, there’s other times like now that I have words flowing left and right. I suppose it all depends on the mood you’re in.
If you’ll have me, I’ll share some of the ways I’ve been able to beat the dreaded arch-nemesis of writers: the accursed writer’s block!

  • As far as actually writing goes, you could always start off with a random prompt and just straight write every thought (called free-writing) and see where that takes you. Personally, that’s never really worked for be, but be my guest and try it out if you’d like.
  • I like to listen to music when I write most of the time, though right now I’m listening to silence as I’ve just not felt like turning it on. When I used to writing fan fiction (still do at times, but I prefer to read it rather than write), I would look up music from that specific fandom to listen to in order to inspire me.
  • I also keep a running collection of ideas on my phone, so maybe if the idea you sat down to write with isn’t flowing, you can try another one for a little bit and then come back with new ideas. It’s worth a shot.

If you guys have any other ideas, I’d love to hear them. I currently have my baby brother lying on my shoulder which is making hard to type though, so I’m going to have to sign off and post again at a later date. Ciao!

Humble Beginnings

Well hey there, it’s been a while since I’ve updated this blog. Yeah, it looks like there’s not much, that’s because it underwent major surgery just recently. But on the bright side it will hopefully be seeing a lot more action now.

For those of you who don’t know me personally, my name is Becca, I am an aspiring teenage author. You might be thinking “yeah, yeah, another girl who wants to write a book”, but that’s not all this is to me. I love to read and write, it’s a passion of mine (when I’m not overrun by school that is), and at any one point in time I probably have at least one or two ideas floating around my head about a story I would like to get started on. The sad part about these ideas is that many of them never make it off of the drawing board that is my brain. But trust me, one day you’ll be seeing my name on the jackets of New York Times bestsellers.

For now, that’s all I’ve got time for, AP Spanish beckons. Keep your eyes peeled for a new update, or, if you don’t want to come back and stalk my website all the time, just opt in to following me.

All the best,