Review Rendezvous: 10/28/17

Premeditated by Josie L. McQuein
Book stats:
Genre(s): Young adult, contemporary, mystery
Medium: Print
Number of pages: 336
Publish date: October 8th, 2013
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A week ago, Dinah’s cousin Claire cut her wrists.

Five days ago, Dinah found Claire’s diary and discovered why.

Three days ago, Dinah stopped crying and came up with a plan.

Two days ago, she ditched her piercings and bleached the black dye from her hair.

Yesterday, knee socks and uniform plaid became a predator’s camouflage.

Today, she’ll find the boy who broke Claire.

By tomorrow, he’ll wish he were dead.

I haven’t read a revenge novel in a while, which is probably why this interested my enough to pick it up. I don’t normally agree with the actions taken by such protagonists, as I’m more of a peaceful resolution person, but the plot did intrigue me enough to go for it.

We first meet Dinah as the rebellious child in the family. She’s agreed to take over her cousin’s spot after her cousin is hospitalized right before school. I did think that her logic was a bit faulty (she told her family that she didn’t want her uncle and aunt missing out on tuition), but I feel as if, in this circumstance, the school would likely have refunded the family. But whatever.

Dinah zeroes in on her subject the moment she meets him. The problem that I see here is her preconceived notions lead her to automatically see the guy as 100% terrible, scum-of-the-earth type. While I can say that anyone who pushes another to suicide is terrible, usually they are not 100% terrible. Basically, Dinah sees herself as the personal scales of justice, which I really have a problem with because that is too much power for any one human being.

There is an interesting twist at the end that gives the entire situation a lot more context. It also proved my suspicions correct, as I had guessed the ending about halfway through and waited to see if it played out. All in all, the writing style was well done and I enjoyed reading it, the protagonist just ruffled my feathers and rubbed me the wrong way.


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