FanFiction: A Writing Springboard

So, back several years ago I stumbled across this lovely website by the name of It’s basically a place where tons of writers come and post their takes on previously created TV shows, movies, anime, etc. We all have that one show where you think “What if this had gone differently? What if they’d done that?” Well, fanfiction is the place to explore that.

This is the place where I kind of got my start writing creatively. Granted, I definitely had written other stories before then, but that was where I began to refine my skills and do better as a writer. Fanfiction has a few benefits to it, especially when you’re beginning. One of the hardest things to do is create believable characters, and with fanfiction, you can take pre-existing characters and write them into your own story. It’s a place where you can build your skills creating a reasonable plot.

Also, there’s so many people on that site who would much rather read than write, and due to the review system it helps you to refine your writing even more with their tips. Granted, you’ll also get the generic praise “Oh my gosh, this is sooooo good! Please write more!” and also the pointless criticism (or ‘flame’ as it’s called), but either way, feedback is still valuable.

One thing to worry about with fanfiction though, is that due to the fact that you are using characters that aren’t your own, you can’t get any money from them. You can’t take your story off the net, change the character’s names around, and then pitch it to an agent or publishing house. It has been done once before that I can think of, but that was quite the situation, and honestly not really worth the hassle.

Anyways, I would highly encourage those of you just beginning, or those who want to develop their storytelling and plot creation skills, to check it out. It’s addictive for sure, but it’s well worth it.

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